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Do you qualify for tax credits?

The government are phasing out tax credits and replacing them with Universal Credit, which is less generous for most working people. Use our calculator to find out if you can still get tax credits and the last date to claim in your area.

Do you have a partner who normally lives with you?

Say yes if you are married or live with someone as a couple, including civil partners or people you live with as if you are civil partners:

How many children are in your household?

Include any children under 16, and any children aged 16 to 19 years old who you still get Child Benefit for. If you share custody, you should only include children if you receive Child Benefit for them. If you are pregnant or adopting and include the expected child we will calculate your benefits assuming the child is born/adopted. Do not include an expected child if you want to find out your current entitlements.

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